Gregg Homme Virgin String

Gregg Homme
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The VIRGIN collection string by Gregg Homme showcases a unique ultra-fine gauge microfibre material that puts emphasis on being comfortable and discreet. This string culminates in a T-back, and its pouch is upward-arc contoured and center-seamed for maximum definition; the Gregg Homme logo can be seen at front center of the ¼-inch waistband.

StretchThis product will offer you an undeniable comfort and the right amount of stretch versus support. Stretchy enough and tight enough, that is the best of both worlds.

Softness: Crème de la crème. You have reached the top level of softness. Prepared to be touched. 

Breathability: Never too hot, never to cold. This is the perfect balance between opacity and breathability.

Made in Canada.